Monday, December 27, 2010

christmas in amelia.
it is dusk. the night is coming.
i am sitting in the parlor. the christmas tree is all aglow.
the ground outside is covered in snow.
it is cold. the wind has been blowing all day.
i can see the outline of the bare trees against the faded colors of the sky.
i see blue and purple and gray and yellow.
it is so beautiful to look out from the windows of this old home onto the snowy ground and winter woods.
this house is over a century old. it was once a hotel.
how many eyes have looked from these very windows onto very similar landscapes?

i wish i had pictures to show you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

as of late.

we had a few friends over for dinner last night. 
it was lovely. 
here some photos from the evening.
intertwined are a some shots of our backyard at twilight. 

merry christmas to all!

Monday, December 6, 2010


today finds me tired and feeling pulled in so many directions. this is not new. it is a growing trend that makes me wonder did i always feel this way or is it my age?

i feel a weight of responsibility i haven't felt before in my life. my parents and elders were not exaggerating when they said adulthood was hard, and that school life was easier in comparison.

not only do you take on bills to pay off, a home to care for, a marriage to sustain, you also take on the weight of "figuring out" what to do with your life, who you are & what you are about.

i am a struggling little sheep at the moment.

maybe this is the perfect season to refocus.

veggies from the community garden down the road.

lemon balm, lettuce, & cilantro.

crates i found on the side of the road.