Tuesday, March 1, 2011

living room.

some shots from around our living space. the little box was made and given to me by jeremiah for christmas. it is one of my most cherished items. the picture of Christ was painted by housemate's brother. the book on the mantle is Red Sings from Treetops. it was given to me by my dear friend joy for christmas (she also has it displayed on a shelf in her home) and it is by far one of my most favorite children's book. the illustrations are beautiful and quite inspiring. the family photos on the wall were made by gluing photos on pieces of plywood (we found on the side of the road) and lacquering over them. so easy! they border our marriage certificate that we had everyone present at our wedding sign. so many items in my home have a story & it is hard not to go into detail about each little thing. for the most part, i am a person who only uses items in her home that have a story/meaning behind them. 

scrapped/salvaged items: purple sofa (not an item we would usually even think to touch but we were familiar with the owners), wall bookshelf (my most favorite find), blue bookshelf, both floor lamps, chair in reading nook

many other items were thrifted or found at yard sales!