Saturday, April 9, 2011

waiting for warmth.



lettuce seedlings. 

future flower/squash patch.

day lilies.

easter lily.

creeping jenny.


hostas. one of my absolute favorites.

azalea bush. future herb & flower plot.

future vegetable & flower plot.

handmade branch fence.


how lovely it is to watch all the bulbs come breaking through the soil. because we rent our home, and one never knows what they will get from a renter's garden, i have been pleasantly surprised to see some lovely bulbs arise from our flower bed. hosta has been by far my favorite along with the jenny creeper. the azalea bush is so lovely to look at and is the only thing besides wild violets that is blooming in our yard. the easter lilies were a big surprise too. i hope, hope, hope they will bloom! and as far as the day lilies, i am so happy to see they are coming up since i planted them rather late in the year. i also happy to see the mums looking so lush. i finally decided to plant them when i saw new growth appearing. at the moment i also have a two beautiful pots of pansies and dusty miller. to my great joy, i planted sweet pea seeds and they are coming up in the pots as well. i also have a rosemary bush that i rescued from a dumpster and it is doing rather well! i also have a ton of kale seedlings. unfortunately i have not done too well with the lettuce seedlings but the kale ones are flourishing.

i have so many high hopes for my garden this year. this will be my first vegetable garden so i have decided not to get too crazy. i am not doing a traditional garden layout (rows) but am just letting everything grow together. that is why i have left all the flowers that are coming up in the beds now. i love the idea of the tomatoes growing beside the easter lilies and the basil growing alongside the hostas and so on.

here is what i ambitiously hope to grow...
tomatoes...lots & all different types.
beans...if i can get them planted soon.
yellow squash & zucchini....maybe butternut.
swiss chard...possibly.
lettuce & kale.
basil...tons and tons and tons. i love this herb.
mint...but only in a pot!