Monday, November 12, 2012

lentil soup with kale, mushrooms & parmesan. 

a basic outline:
large onion
handful of button mushrooms
bunch of kale
two celery stalks
cup of green lentils
2 quarts [good] vegetable stock

1. slice onions into half moons. 
quarter mushrooms.
coarsely chop kale. 
thinly slice celery.

2. sautee onions in oil/butter/ghee until translucent.
add mushrooms and celery.

3. add stock.
bring to a boil.

4. add lentils.
simmer until tender.
add a few slices of parmesan.
taste & add generous amount of salt & pepper if needed.

5. serve with grated parmesan & toast/croutons.

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